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Cochise College Vision Plan Resources

Information on the Cochise College brand viagra without prescription buy vision plan, provider links and helpful forms.

How do I generic form of propecia use the plan?

1.    Simply search for a provider using the EyeMed website at and choose the SELECT network or call (866) 299-1358 for assistance.

2.    Schedule an appointment and buy cheap viagra online uk identify yourself as an EyeMed member.

3.    Pay any copay or additional expenses at the time of your appointment.

Can I go to any provider?

You will receive the maximum benefit cialis mail order uk when you go to a participating provider. EyeMed does offer an out-of-network benefit. Your reimbursement is based upon your benefit schedule.

If my doctor is not on the EyeMed directory and I still want to go to him/her for my vision service, what can I do?

You have two options:

1) You may contact EyeMed Provider Nomination Form (availabe on this website – see Forms) with the name, address and phone number of the provider and the Network Development department will contact the provider for recruitment.


2) You may pay for your services and submit your itemized statement to EyeMed for reimbursement according to the Out-of-Network Reimbursement Schedule.

What is covered?

Your plan is designed to cover eye examinations and corrective eyewear upon payment of any applicable copayments. Should you choose options that are not covered within your plan allowance, a discount will be applied.

What type of frames does EyeMed cover through my plan?

You may choose from a wide variety of frames within the provider’s office. You can stay within your plan allowance and incur no out-of-pocket expenses. Alternatively, if you select a frame whose wholesale cost (what the doctor pays the manufacturer for the frame) exceeds your plan allowance of $150, you would receive that frame at a discounted price.

What types of spectacle lenses are covered?

EyeMed covers standard single vision, bifocal and trifocal lenses (plastic or glass). If you choose specialty lenses (e.g., progressive or hi-index), you will receive a discounted retail price and an allowance to use toward that discounted price.

What are medically necessary contacts?

Medically necessary contacts are required when a vision care provider has determined that spectacle lenses and frames would not achieve the best vision correction possible due to a medical condition. In most cases diagnosis such as:

• Keratoconus
• Corneal trauma
• Post cataract surgery
• Anisometropia

will qualify a member for medically necessary contacts.  Prior approval is required for this coverage.

We make it easy. Everything we do is designed around our members so, naturally, we want to make it easy for you to use your benefits. Whether you are a tech-savvy consumer or someone who prefers a helpful voice on the other end of the line, we’ve made it easy for you to use your vision benefits. We’re with you every step of the way.

Smart value. We know taking care of your health can be expensive, but healthy vision is one of the greatest gifts we have. So, to us, protecting your vision is a smart value. We’re always looking to find ways to bring greater value to our members. So whether it’s for new stylish frames or fun-in-the-sun sunglasses, we’ll help you save on eye exams and eyewear with your benefits

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