Short-Term Disability- Cochise County


Cochise County Short-Term Disability

What is Short-Term Disability (STD) Benefit?

It is wage replacement to benefits eligible employees who experience wholesale generic levitra wage loss due to a disability.

Who is eligible for STD?

Benefits eligible employees are covered for STD.  There is no requirement for a benefits eligible employee to be enrolled in one buy viagra online no prescription of the CCT health plans.

There is no cost to the employee, Cochise County provides this benefit to all benefits-eligible employees.

How does the STD benefit work and how much will I get?

After 45 calendar days of disability, the benefit amount you will receive is 60% of salary.   The STD benefit cialis professional 20 mg is available only after all paid leave is exhausted.  The maximum paid benefit period is 135 calendar days.

How do I apply for STD?

You and your physician must complete and return the Short Term Disability claim to the Human Resources department.  The form is available at the Human Resources Department

What deductions are taken from STD?

The only deductions that are taken are for social security (FICA) and Medicare taxes.  If you have any benefit plan deductions that you remain eligible for that are deducted each payroll cycle, you will be responsible for payment of the deductions.

When will I receive my STD payment?

STD benefits are processed weekly by AmeriBen and will be mailed to you.

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